Dovy Kitchens - Attracting good workers

Dovy Kitchens and Tone

With Dovy Kitchens, Toon actually already had a past. Our man, Jan Van Hulle, was already directing Donald Muylle when he first started personally praising his kitchens. Dovy Keukens found Jan back at Toon when the now renowned kitchen manufacturer was looking for a way to attract good workers.


Attracting good workers

It requires not only energy, but also, and above all, the right approach. Dovy Keukens uses testimonials from enthusiastic workers to attract new talent. Testimonials that were distributed through various channels and in a wide variety of formats. Applicants see what's going on on the shop floor, they see passionate staff talking. Frequently asked questions are answered quickly and clearly in a visual language that captivates and sticks.