PocoLoco does it too!

Human Resource recruitment:

Poco Loco also believes in the use of moving images in human resource management. Via d'artagnan, the Roeselaar company of food products came to Toon. Interested workers are informed with a variety of videos, reports and testimonials about what working for Poco Loco means.


Filmed reports can help in the recruitment process:

Companies that are growing fast or often employ loose or temporary workers are more likely to receive job applicants. Of course, there is always the personal interview, but apart from that, those who want to work want to get a good picture of your company. What does the company do? How has it grown? Why do people want to work there? It would be nice to let the most enthusiastic employees speak over and over again. And every day you would like to show your company in all its shine and glory. But work and busy schedules don't always allow the best tour. Tone helps to bridge the gap between dream and reality.