ToonT not only delivers professional moving images. We're also your partner to train your team to work pro-actively with video recording.

From content creation to strategic implementation of your video communication in three workshops.
Pick and mix what you need for your team.


Before we start with the modules, we do a strategic exercise with you and the key figures within your company, with the central question: "How and why can you use videos in your company?"

It is an introductory meeting where we get to know the company and the team better. We go through strategic exercises together with the marketing/communication team with the main goal to find out:

"What do you want to achieve with videos?”

WORKSHOP 1 Sharing Stories

Learn to tell with moving image


1 Full day of training to make your own 'productions'.

Today we tell our stories with images. Companies have also found the way to moving images as an ideal means of communication. Sharing Stories teaches you to visualize stories that live in your company. Without large investments, through tips & tricks from experienced filmmakers and storytellers, with maximum results!
  • Technical tips & tricks - How do you put someone in the picture?
  • Storytelling - How do you tell a fascinating story?
  • Strategy - Why make your video and in what broader framework can you implement it?
  • Your own smartphone/tablet - What can you get out of your device and what not?
  • Action - Start coaching our team yourself
  • Assembly - Tips and tricks to get good results quickly with mobile app

The mix of bite-sized theory and practical tips during the exercises are very valuable as a starting package for us. After the training you are immediately inspired to get started and you can achieve a nice result even with limited resources.

Els, Tadaaz

WORKSHOP 2 - Campaign creator

How do I create a successful campaign?


1 Full day of training to set up your own social media campaign.

  • Which social media channels are suitable for me?
  • How do I set up a campaign on Youtube/Facebook/Instagram?
  • How do I determine the KPIs of a successful media campaign?
  • ROI - Return on Investment - Measure your results
  • Technical tips & tricks - How do I put my message in motion?
  • Storytelling - How do you tell a fascinating story?
  • Action - Start coaching our team yourself
  • Assembly - Tips and tricks to get good results quickly with mobile app

Fascinating training with which you can immediately get to work yourself. Nice balance between theory and practice!

Julie, Tadaaz


How do I work strategically with video content in my company?


1 Full day of training and exercises to set up your own video content strategy.

  • Video strategy - Why and how do the first steps look like?
  • Align your communication with the values of your company
  • Define your communication objectives
  • Hashtags and tag lines
  • Choose your communication portals
  • Where does your video content live?
  • Video strategy matrix design

Video is an integral part of a company's online communication strategy. A good video strategy puts all other online efforts back on track. Once again, ToonT made me realize that video is the content medium of the future.

Saskia Alberts - Consultant Communication Indaver

The perfect kit for filming with your smartphone:

Getting a good result with the limitations of your mobile can be quite a challenge.
That's why ToonT has put together the perfect film kit.