You have your social channels set up or not yet.
You do post regular "updates," but the potential of your social channels is so much greater than a "regular" communication channel.

From product introductions, brand awareness, promotions... to finding the right new colleague. Social is the ideal channel to reach a broadly targeted audience and put your company on the map.


Everything starts with strategy... Together, we determine your goals, KPIs, ideal channels for your message and what the measurement anchors for your campaigns will be.


Then comes what we do best: create content (video and photography) that captivates viewers into the universe of your company and your brand.


In full consultation, we manage your social channels and show you the way to get more followers, more likes, more website visitors, more web shop visitors and thus grow to your next growth moment as a company.
You get a monthly report of the results and together we go through the next steps based on data and the strategic goals of your team.


If you want to send paid advertising campaigns out into the world, we implement these for your business as well.
Again, you get a monthly report plus a tight overview of your spending budget. You hold all the purse strings, but you don't have to do it yourself.