Daan Hugaert from Home shows the way.

Moving images can polish your image.

The traffic situation in Ghent has been completely changed for some time now. And so the rumours came at the same time. Ghent was said to be unreachable, was often told by those who had heard of it. Via Cayman, Mobility Company City of Ghent launched a campaign in which everyone could see with their own eyes that mobility does work. Cayman had Toon make a series of films to clear up the misunderstandings. The videos show 8 situations, 8 ways to travel to Ghent in an easy way.


A familiar face works.

Daan Hugaert, den Eddy from 'Home', steps into the shoes of a mobility coach and, with the necessary humour, makes it clear how easily accessible his city is. After all, a human being tends to believe only his own eyes.